Saturday, April 19, 2014

White & Black & Pixlr App

Lookin for a simple yet classy look- found this white dress with pearly collar at Forever 21 a while back. Threw on some black tights (since otherwise that's just too much white!) On LOOKBOOK they let you use the pixlr app first to edit any photos, and there were some crazy fun filters (I chose one below).

Creative filters are fun for fashion and help modify possible issues you are having with contrast/brightness. I'm obsessed with this dress, but only had a white door backdrop today, hence why this app helped a lot with that!


My boyfriend Erik loves his 'Pink Freud' skateboard from Roger Skateboards(pretty rad to mix a legendary band with famous psychologist like that) so it's an art piece for sure. 

Stay creative everyone! 

- Lindsey

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