Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summertime Sleeves

Yes - it's 70s sleeves yet again for summertime flow. [Sorry not sorry about being repetitive to my last blog post about flared sleeves!]

Who else is obsessed with mustard yellow? I may or may not have color coordinated my closet and found that I have many mustardy items--definitely more than a normal closet would!

This top surprisingly is easy to shift from off-the-shoulder to just wide-set on the shoulder. And, there's more options than I ever imagined to pair with it to boot. Pictured here is a cute patterned skirt, but I can also wear with any other high-waisted pant or skirt, no doubt.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Artifact (PDX thrift store that rules. You have to check it out.)

What are your favorite go to outfits for summertime vibes? It's a little hot right now, and I admittedly wore this outfit pre-99 degree weather, so I doubt many long sleeves are in people's wardrobe and maybe there's a switch to rompers! I know thaht's what I'm wearing during this Portland 100 degree heat. Phew. Good luck out there and happy fashionista-ing!

- Linds

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Boho Chic on Fleek

Hello there!

This weekend started off productive and then full-force "treat yourself" shopping mode. Taxes are done, chores are wrapped up, and I remembered I had a gift card to Ross from Christmas to use. I decided to check out their dress selection today, (which to be honest, is usually a lot of misses over hits in the past). That said, I was super impressed at some of the trendy pieces this time around for spring and summer gowns, playful dresses and boho-embroidered dresses. So, naturally, I bought two boho dresses... Definitely a step up from my last "boho" inspired outfit post!

1 - White, loose off-the-shoulder dress. 

 This piece is perfectly oversized, cozy yet sexy, and playful for going over a swimsuit or whatever. Can't wait to wear it more once the weather heats up a bit!

2 - Black, 70's shift boho dress - these lace sleeves, though!

The second piece is black and has 70's festival-style sleeves with a hint of lace. It's hard to call this one boho without also saying it's kinda fancy-pants too. It's a great reminder that spring is around the corner and doesn't have to mean just florals as per usual. Spice it up with some flowy hippie dresses. Until next time!

- Linds