Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little White Party Dress

Hello, lovelies! Whether you are dressing up for a date night out, going to a big event or simply wanting to feel classy, this Michelle DeCourcy original is literally the perfect fit. Built with comfort and flare, the separation of fabric and lower waistline makes for a cozy yet classic look - sure to fancy up any day. The back dips down (pictured below) for subtle sassiness and the shoulder straps have more width than a usual party dress for a unique elegant look. Pictured below is the dress with baby pink heels to not take from the vibrance the white dress brings on its own!

The gorgeous white party dress was designed by the talented local designer Michelle DeCourcy. I was excited to attend her latest trunk show sale in Portland and lucked out with this flirty dress and a stunning lace pencil skirt. Her designs are breathtaking and diverse - from glorious wedding gowns to sexy, funky party dresses, she has the perfect balance of edge and class in her wide range of pieces.

Take a look at her Facebook page here for all the latest!


Stay classy! <3 Linds

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lady Lumberjack

Ah yes - the lumberjack stereotype of Portland, Oregon is always a buzz, but what about adding some sassy lady-flare to the lumberjack look?

This inspired my post, of course! Pictured here in a plaid, nearly-flannel 70's top and a 80's red leather pencil skirt. It's such a weird mix, but it works out with a bright high waisted skirt and a cropped long-sleeve. Although it's almost Christmas-y in color, I'm going for a Northwest appeal to fulfill the "in the forest ready to chop down wood - with my booties."  ;)

All items (minus tights) thrifted!

For more lumberjack-like looks, check out this awesome flannel DIY, perfect for any adventurer.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheers to 2015!

Black and White Class & Sass

Happy 2015, everyone!

For fashion, this year has had a bit of everything - funky tassels, faux fur, classy dresses and so much more. To toast off the new year, I put together a simplistic outfit of black and white class. I thought of the sequined dresses, tight black skirts and something with gold glitter, but just thought - why spend the money on something new and fancy to wear only this one night? Instead, I went with a classy look of layers that still says "formal" without spending the big bucks.

- Detachable black pearl peter pan collar - brand unknown
- Long sleeve white Forever 21 basic top (a must-have for layering!)

- Bow shorts by 2bRych - thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co. How cute is that ribbon bow?
- Spandex by Target, technically thrifted from Goodwill!
- Ankle boots found at Plato's Closet by Codify

Cheers to next year's newest trends and new styles that will amaze us all! I can't wait.