Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summertime Sleeves

Yes - it's 70s sleeves yet again for summertime flow. [Sorry not sorry about being repetitive to my last blog post about flared sleeves!]

Who else is obsessed with mustard yellow? I may or may not have color coordinated my closet and found that I have many mustardy items--definitely more than a normal closet would!

This top surprisingly is easy to shift from off-the-shoulder to just wide-set on the shoulder. And, there's more options than I ever imagined to pair with it to boot. Pictured here is a cute patterned skirt, but I can also wear with any other high-waisted pant or skirt, no doubt.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Artifact (PDX thrift store that rules. You have to check it out.)

What are your favorite go to outfits for summertime vibes? It's a little hot right now, and I admittedly wore this outfit pre-99 degree weather, so I doubt many long sleeves are in people's wardrobe and maybe there's a switch to rompers! I know thaht's what I'm wearing during this Portland 100 degree heat. Phew. Good luck out there and happy fashionista-ing!

- Linds

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Boho Chic on Fleek

Hello there!

This weekend started off productive and then full-force "treat yourself" shopping mode. Taxes are done, chores are wrapped up, and I remembered I had a gift card to Ross from Christmas to use. I decided to check out their dress selection today, (which to be honest, is usually a lot of misses over hits in the past). That said, I was super impressed at some of the trendy pieces this time around for spring and summer gowns, playful dresses and boho-embroidered dresses. So, naturally, I bought two boho dresses... Definitely a step up from my last "boho" inspired outfit post!

1 - White, loose off-the-shoulder dress. 

 This piece is perfectly oversized, cozy yet sexy, and playful for going over a swimsuit or whatever. Can't wait to wear it more once the weather heats up a bit!

2 - Black, 70's shift boho dress - these lace sleeves, though!

The second piece is black and has 70's festival-style sleeves with a hint of lace. It's hard to call this one boho without also saying it's kinda fancy-pants too. It's a great reminder that spring is around the corner and doesn't have to mean just florals as per usual. Spice it up with some flowy hippie dresses. Until next time!

- Linds

Friday, February 19, 2016

February Pops of Pink

Valentine's Day & Beyond

Yeah, yeah. Traditional Valentine's Day themed post with shades of pink. BUT - I still wore a lot of red and pink after February 14th, too. I promise! ;)

Everything in this outfit is thrifted (no way!) from Plato's Closet and Crossroads in Portland.  Even though this is an ideal Valentine's chic outfit, let's keep the pink and red thing going for whenever you want to feel bright, cheerful and still romantic, am I right?

Pictured on the left is a crazy soft, furry light pink coat I had to buy ($30) from Crossroads! It's like walking around with a blanket and I can't stop wearing it.

When we dress up for ourselves and not just a holiday or special occasion, it's fun and confidence-boosting. You do you.

Hope everyone has an awesome rest of the month! Til next time.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year, New Discovery (perhaps?)

This post is from something strange I discovered this week when layering up.  (You tell me if it's actually strange or not).

I've had both of these jackets for a while now (the white, lace one for literally 5+ years and the faux leather one for a couple years), and just accidentally figured out their zippers align! 

I was in a hurry and didn't look down while wearing both jackets, and realized I had zipped them up together. I of course thought, "Whoa! What the heck?" I don't think most jacket zippers do that, but maybe there is a more standard size and we're all missing out on something really great for modern layering?! You be the judge!

Jacket 1 - 

Jacket 2 - 

 Both jackets zipped together:

Result for lack of other terms - What the heck?!

Maybe I'm crazy, but seemed pretty weird to me! I'm going to rock it from now on like It was intentional ;) Happy fashion discoveries, everyone!