Friday, February 19, 2016

February Pops of Pink

Valentine's Day & Beyond

Yeah, yeah. Traditional Valentine's Day themed post with shades of pink. BUT - I still wore a lot of red and pink after February 14th, too. I promise! ;)

Everything in this outfit is thrifted (no way!) from Plato's Closet and Crossroads in Portland.  Even though this is an ideal Valentine's chic outfit, let's keep the pink and red thing going for whenever you want to feel bright, cheerful and still romantic, am I right?

Pictured on the left is a crazy soft, furry light pink coat I had to buy ($30) from Crossroads! It's like walking around with a blanket and I can't stop wearing it.

When we dress up for ourselves and not just a holiday or special occasion, it's fun and confidence-boosting. You do you.

Hope everyone has an awesome rest of the month! Til next time.


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