Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Red, White & Blue

World Cup Inspired

Retro USA Summer outfit
Go USA! Showing my pride today in red, white and blue. Who says you can't show pride and still be fashionable? I bought this red cropped top from Forever 21 and rocked the retro high-waisted blue pants with it for a patriotic spin. Still with no white, I have simple black heels, dressing it up a notch. Heels look more flattering with the style of pants to make the legs look even longer! (It's a great illusion, ha!)

via pinterest.com
There are limitless American pride outfits for not only the World Cup but for the 4th of July!
An easy-peezy outfit to put together is a colored blouse and shorts, with a wrapped bandana headband!  

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CASUAL BOHO CHIC (below-left) is also easy to put together. Find a chunky, cool necklace, a USA-inspired sweater, and your best jean summer shorts.     

To stay classy, get inspired with this cute Modcloth dress! 

Have a Happy 4th and World Cup Day, USA!

- Lindsey


  1. love the outfits! plus you look stunning in them. :)

    mind to check out my blog too? xx


  2. That Modcloth dress is absolutely adorable. Nice post :)


  3. Hi Emily! Thanks for commenting. Modcloth is the best, right?! <3