Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Costume Challenge

Pic from:laurenconrad.com/blog

Mary Poppins via Lauren Conrad 

We all know Lauren has adorable style and has proved herself fashion-worthy (long after The Hills ended). We knew she wasn't just messing around, she had some skills.

Speaking of skills, take a look at her adorable take on a timeless classic - the Mary Poppins costume.

This simple DIY is complete with just a handful of easy-to-find items: a black hat, red bow tie, white button-up, a black skirt and tights. Let's not forget a signature umbrella to complete the ensemble!

From fitness & cooking to fashion & crafts, her website shows off all of her talents; including her very own colorful fashion line at Kohls. She's an IT girl, no doubt.

Shop Lauren's boutique for cute graphic sweaters and such this season, and happy costuming!

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