Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Dresses

Chiffon Dress by ASOS

Hello, December!  

Can you believe it? Winter is in the air, and holiday tunes are jingling in our local stores already. If you're like me, holiday planning is already in the works, and that means shopping for gifts and maybe a holiday dress or two. We deserve to treat ourselves, after all! 

It's still early with much time left to pick out the perfect holiday dress for any type of family, friend, or work gathering.

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These 2 dresses were inspiration for fitting both a casual Christmas gathering with some friends and a fancier Holiday party dream outing. Red and green were obvious colors to look at, but of course there are neutrals and other sparkly styles that work great for holiday dress-up!

This red number above is semi-formal and is equipped with an elastic waist band (and optional belt), allowing you slightly more room to snack on those Moonstruck chocolates and peppermint schnaps without having to worry so much!

Green Sequins by ASOS
For the super fancy work party or some dream-celebrity bash you can sneak into, this second dress does any holiday party some sexy justice. The low-dip in the back shows off some skin, but not too much as the dress is generous in length. 

Who doesn't like to dress up in sparkling sequins and dazzle into the holidays like this? --------> 

Both of these gems are ASOS dresses, and were found on

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Happy [fashion] holidays!

- Lindsey

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