Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lemon Lime Time

Who loves color pairing? Although I'm one to try to find interesting ways to match, sometimes it's fun to just choose 2 bold colors and set a theme around them for the day. Whether it's an accessory, dress, jacket, or bright heels, it's fun to color block and pick 2 colors to tie in with neutrals. I rediscovered a photo on my computer of me with a lemon-lime theme and I thought, "why I don't I make more effort these days to actually match?"

This is me pictured above quite a few years ago actually, by Courtney Ellis!

Of course this is the lovely Blair from Gossip Girl, always stylin'.

Above: Simple yellow bag matched with the heels, black tights, green peacoat, and dark green underlayers. Even though the yellow and green shades are super bright here, it works out with just a couple colors and not overdoing it. Not to mention, matching a couple colors in an outfit doesn't take too much effort in the end!

Get inspired - Here are 30 color-blocking outfits made easy:

Happy fashioning!

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