Friday, August 22, 2014

Mint Flower Hour

This dress hit the Target on gorgeous color and vintage appeal.

Modern Day Mint

The detailed embroidery on these flowers is incredible! A 60's-era dress meets modern day bridesmaid. Either way, you can't help but feel classy in this - flowers, polyester pastel shades and all. The brand is Target: "Xhilaration Junior's Daisy Organza Dress" (SOLD OUT!)

As you know, mint is popping up left and right, as well as so many pastels. Vibrant not only to wear, but to look at. The bright yet soft shades of color make every girl feel fun and elegant at the same time. Who wouldn't want to brighten up their closet a little bit?! Whether you are going to a dinner party or flirting with danger, let's keep mint going.  xo - Linds


  1. beautiful embroidery and the mint color.
    so vintage

    1. Thanks, Daniel! I <3 the vintage appeal too