Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cat's Meow


You know when you discover a treasure like this, it was just meant to be. This is seriously the coolest sweatshirt I've ever found. I love all it's kitty unique-ness and cozy vibes! I lucked out at Crossroads with this tagless, thrifted number, and am excited in a way not to know where it came from. It seems like a Japanese brand, but I am not sure if it's hand-made or not - making it a fashion mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, there was a little surprise on/in the sweatshirt. Equipped with a cat-eared hood with the text "CAT'STORY," I realized the sweatshirt is even more than meets the eye - and tells the story of a cat getting something. That something is hidden in the front pouch! Scroll down to see what happens when you unzip it...

Very pikachu-like hood!

<--- That's right. The cat gets hungry and eats some fishes...making him happy(?!)

These details are just too much!

From cat ears to quirky text to front pouch fish surprises, this is officially the cutest sweatshirt on the planet. Meow!

xox - Lindsey

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