Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween... you Beasts!

Cruella De Vil is in the house this year.

I have to say, I wanted to be Cruella before I found out Iggy was the same thing last year! Either way, I refreshed up on 101 Dalmatians and chose the Glenn Close version to imitate versus the cartoon. Red eye shadow, thick eyeliner, red, bold lipstick for the makeup. Bright red tights match the satin gloves and the in-seam of the coat to make for a 3-power color combo costume. It was so much fun to put together! Props are from amazon and faux dalmatian coat was hand-made by my friend Annie. 

Cruella - so fashionably brilliant; it kills.

- Cigarette holder (amazon)
- Red Gloves (amazon)
- Wig! (amazon)
- Tights
- Dalmatian Print Coat
- Black Ankle Heels (more modern!)

Hope everyone has a fun, spooky night! And shout out to all those Cruella's out there! ;) 
xoxo - Lindsey

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